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Date of Posting: 13 May 2009
Posted By: Charles Ballard


Winter Service

At the end of the season your engine should be winterised, this is where the fuel is drained and the engine is inhibited, ready for use the following season. Hot Headz Marine offers a full Winterisation Service for the boat enthusiast. Our full service includes the following:

  • Strip and check water pump.
  • During test run of engine check for smooth operation of all controls and for correct starting both hot and cold. Check for correct idle speed when hot and for smooth pick up from idle. Where possible check to ensure engine achieves maximum RPM.
  • Lubricate pivot shaft/all linkages/clamp screws etc.
  • Check condition of anode/trim tab, replace if required.
  • Recoil starter - check condition of rope/lube as required.
  • Fuel filter - strip and clean.
  • Check operation of tilt mechanism.
  • Check adjustment of gear/throttle cables and lubricate all linkages as required.
  • Lubricate propeller shaft.
  • Bleed auto lube pump.
  • Ignition timing - check/adjust linkages as required.
  • Carburetor pilot screws check/adjust.
  • Check operation of on/off neutral interlock switches etc.
  • Drain down carburetors.
  • change gear oil - check for water ingress through seals.
  • Spark plugs - clean/replace as required.
  • Check flywheel nut torque/torque cylinder head.
  • Change oil, filters, and check valves on 4 strokes.
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