I can't say enough good things about Hot Headz Marine. I heard good things about them so I thought I would give them a try. I'm so glad I did, from day 1 he kept me informed what he found, explained in great detail and recommended what to do to fix. Even after Hurricane Harvey, texted me to see how I was doing. Above and beyond care for the customer, the work that was done to the boat is perfect and it's never run this good. I didn't just gain a new boat shop, but also new friends.

Date of Posting: October, 2017
Posted By: Rocky Z.

I took the boat I just purchased to Hot Headz and I am sure glad I did. These guys know what they are doing and are super honest and upfront. I was kept well informed through the process of my many repairs. They completed my boat on time and on budget. BEST OF ALL my boat now runs GREAT

Date of Posting: July, 2017
Posted By: Shane M.

My motor had an alarm sensor going off. Lewis and crew quickly diagnosed the problem. They replaced the oil pod and did several maintenance things. They explained all work when I picked up today. I appreciate their honesty and professionalism.
Business Response:
God bless our Customers. Thank you for your business Sir. We're here if you need anything.

Date of Posting: March, 2017
Posted By: Greg A.

I have been using hot headz for over 20 years. They are just great. They are the only repair shop I will use. They are very knoweladgeble, and have never done me wrong. Liz and Lewis along with the lead mechanic Matt are the best. Highly recommend. I refer all my fellow boaters there.

Date of Posting: February, 2017
Posted By: Billy S.

I've been using Hot Headz Marine for all my boating jet ski needs for 4 years. Always honest profession and extremely fair. I drive along way to bring my boats here. It's not convenient but I know that I will be given the straight goods on what's needed and best for my equipment. They say that most people with a positive experience fail the business owner by not posting a positive review. A negative review is often someone that didn't get the answer they wanted to hear. They feel that somehow by hurting the business will make them feel better. When ever I'm asked where to go for boat repairs I always tell them Hot Headz Marine. They're worth the drive.

Date of Posting: February, 2017
Posted By: Paul W.

I had Hot Headz put a wakeboard tower on my '90 Welcraft and service the engine. They did a great job and the owner was very communicative and kept me up to speed along the process. He even texted me pictures along the way and called after to make sure I was happy. I was impressed with the customer service and the work they did.

Date of Posting: March, 2016
Posted By: John Jacobi

Took my boat into Hot Headz because the starter seemed to have gone out. I thought it was the battery, replaced the battery with a new one and had the same problem so I took it to Hot Headz. I also had an issue with one of the tireson the boat. They gave me a reasonable estimate to check it out and I was on my way. I called back a few hours later and the owner told me that there was a loose connection and it was running fine, he told me to come back and pick it up. I went back, they had the tire off already and helped load it in my truck for so i could take it to the tire shop to fix. I brought it back they put it on my boat and said your good, no charge. I was like what???? really???? I thanked them and was on my way. I realized they didn't fix anything major but not to charge me anything for the time they put into was very nice of them. I would and will take my boat to them for any issues in the future. Again, really nice and honest people.

Date of Posting: March, 2015
Posted By: John Lapham

I took my 2000 Polaris 1200 Pro to these guys after purchasing it for next to nothing from a friend. Most places won't touch these skis due to the manufacturer dropping all support for them, but that didn't scare these guys off.

I took it in for them to check out and recommend any preventative maintenance to avoid doing any expensive damage on the first ride. They did a very thorough check up on it and found a few issues. I was sent an e-quote to review and reply via email with approval to do the work. The final bill was exactly the amount of the quote.

The issues were fixed, but unfortunately, some junk was left behind in one of the fuel lines and caused 1 of the 3 carbs to start dumping fuel on the very first ride. I've had boats and jet skis for quite awhile, so I can't say I was shocked that something broke right away. It can and does happen. I took it back to them and they rebuilt the problem carb as I waited at no cost, of course. I burned a few tanks of gas through the ski afterwards and it worked like a dream the entire time.

I would highly recommend these guys. Everyone I talked to was very knowledgeable and willing to share the knowledge anytime I had a curiosity strike me.

Date of Posting: March, 2015
Posted By: Nick Bryant

These guys are some friendly good ol boys they will explain things in simple terms to you and make you feel right at home. They will explain and show you how to fix and maintain your boat on the spot. Yes it can be exspensive but you pay for what you get and here you get excellent service and free know how and education they give you is priceless. I highly recommend them for any boat maintenance or repairs very quick turn around and highly professional.

Date of Posting: November 26, 2014
Posted By: Nick W.

Quality Excellent

I have never taken the time to do a review before but I was "SO IMPRESSED" with Captain Louis Nemo and Mermaid Liz that I had to share my experience.First off let me state that I am a law enforcement officer and deal with crooks all the time.That said,I called a few of the boat sales consignment businesses out there and they were offering me as little as half of what my vessel was worth.They said in order to get me 75% of what I was looking to get would take up to three months with no guarantee at all.Lou and Liz got me the price the boat listed for in "LESS THAN A WEEK!!!Everyone won on this deal,buyer,seller and agent.Just plain old fashioned good business country style.Thank you Lou and Liz! These are great folks to do business with!

Date of Posting: May 25, 2013
Posted By: Gordon Grant

My name is jay g. ..recently I brought my grandfather's 40 year old boat to you with major transmission problems....I appreciate you guys taking the time and effort to restore an old keep sake of mine which is not worth much in monetary value...but rich in memories. ..your company did the most amazing fiberglass repair job I've ever seen....the ability to match faded 40 year old gel coat paint is unfathomable. ...but you did it perfectly. ..not often do you receive service above and beyond your expectations. ...but I did....I would like to personally thank you again for an incredible job well done....and anyone I come across that ever needs boat repair I will highly recommend your company. ...thank you

Date of Posting: May 30, 2013
Posted By: Jay G.

"Great Company! Hello I have been doing business with Hot Headz Marine for over ten years now. I have owned several boats and only used Hot Headz Marine for all my service and problems. The reason is for the following , I always get great service, all employees take my problem as their own and work to the best of their service to assist me in resolving each and every situation that I have encountered. I can say in all the years I have done business I felt that I have received great results . If you ever need anyone to refer you PLEASE take time to check them out. Good luck I don't think you can find a better repair shop."

Date of Posting: 31 August 2011
Posted By: Mike

"Good people I am currently doing business with hot headz marine and find that they are a very reasonable company to deal with very nice people both Liz and Lewis both I am also a business owner myself and Davis Overhead doors would highly recommend hot headz marine to anyone I come to find that most people who write bad reviews cant come to terms of what is really going on in a situation so they get angry instead of trying to find a common ground and degrade people instead of incourage."

Date of Posting: 13 September 2010
Posted By: Anthony

"My Husband Dennis & I came from New Caney up to your place a couple of years ago.. our boat had a problem with water pump & tilt/trim that you repaired in time for us to enjoy it for the next 2 summers before we sold it. No longer have the boat you repaired but bought another one this year. Use us as a reference anytime."

Date of Posting: 25 March 2009
Posted By: Tracy & Dennis

"I want to thank you guys for a job well done. Lewis and Liz were very professional, polite and helpful. I will recommend your company to all my friends."

Date of Posting: 13 May 2009
Posted By: Charles Ballard

"Liz, I just wanted to send you a a thank you note, as first time boat owners we have a lot to learn & are reliant upon help from experts when it comes to problem solving etc. This is the second time we\'ve had the boat in to you, the first time was a couple of months ago for a pre-purchase inspection. On both occasions we have found your service to be excellent and we are very grateful."

Date of Posting: 13 May 2009
Posted By: Martyn Bates

"Hot Headz has been great to me and my husband. We brought our boat in SEVERAL months ago, not only did they help us with our insurance company but they have let us pay what we can at a time to cover our out of pocket expense. Whoever drives by this business with any "accusation" are not only childish but more than likely ignorant as well, seriously is this still Jr High!!! Thank you Hot Headz for everything you have done!"

Date of Posting: 02/11/2010
ed By: Nancy Lee