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Date of Posting: 13 May 2009
Posted By: Charles Ballard


Marine Propeller Repair

Stainless Steel - Aluminum - Bronze We fix em all You may not want to go to the expense of purchasing a new propeller. Why not let Hot Headz Marine service, rebuild and repair your propeller. Servicing and repair can solve many of the following problems:

  • Stop vibration due to an imbalance of a damaged blade.
  • Restore loss of performance due to incorrect pitch.
  • Restore fuel consumption, due to a damaged or fouled propeller. Often many problems can be solved with relatively simple prop repairs.
  • Repair accident damage; this includes bent blades, blades damaged by impacts or repair worn edges of the propeller restoring speed.
  • Build up the worn or broken tips to their original size.
  • Re-pitch blades for different performance (speed or low end torque).
  • Alter the diameter of the blades has been corrected, this can make a huge difference in speed and acceleration.
  • Correct the tracking of blades.
  • Repair Cavitation damage - Often damage caused by cavitation can be repaired and will improve fuel economy.

The left image shows a the results of collision with a heavy chain. As you can see the blades are badly bent and damaged. The right image shows the finished recondition result.

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